Backup Solutions

As you go along your day to day business activities you will no doubt be sending important emails, handling potential clients data, documenting information and working on other areas critical to your business. But what happens if there is an issue and your data is lost?

It does happen, and happens frequently. When you loose your data, whether it be as small as a single spreadsheet or as large as your entire systems directory, you need to ensure that your data is properly protected.

We understand that your data is one of the critical elements of any business, and without proper backup and maintenance you could be heading for disaster.Luckily we here at I.T Genie are experts when it comes to Backup Solutions. We offer both On-site Backups and Off-site Backups to ensure that you have every possible method for ensuring your data is kept secure.

In addition, we offer a Managed Backup Solution which will take the burden of backups and monitoring completely off your hands. Let us worry about your backups, we will determine with you what your needs are; what data you want backed up, when you want it backed up and how often. That is just another reason why we here at I.T Genie are industry leaders in Backup Solutions!