Spam Filtering

Nothing is worse then receiving useless emails, they waste your resources in regards to both time and finances and if left unchecked can stack up to become an even more significant network security issue.

However we excel at ensuring that all of your spam will vanish and you will never need to be burdened with useless and maliciously sent spam messages.We are a leading hosted email security solutions provider scanning 10+ million emails daily. Our systems are getting updated daily to stay ahead of the latest spam scams. With clustered servers and fault tolerant Internet located at the state-of- the-art data centre.

Spam Filtering Services

See how we can help you filter out what is Spam, and what is Real.

  • Triple-level Virus Scanning
  • Multi-layered Anti-Spam stops 90-95% of Spam
  • 5 Day Mail Retention
  • Increased employee productivity
  • No hardware or software required
  • No installation, maintenance or updating
  • Spam Analysis Engine with auto-updates and auto-learning.
  • Personal Whitelists and Blacklists – Allow/Block emails from specific ID’s/domains
  • Real-time Blackhole lists captures data from global spam servers to block spam
  • Content filtering. Dashboard with extensive Reports on e-mail trends, viruses detected, spam volumes, policy violations.
  • Personal Spam Manager – User level Quarantine access