Smartphone’s & Mobile Devices

In today’s modern world we know full well that you or your workers are not always on a traditional desktop or laptop, but could indeed be on any number of smart / mobile devices such as a Mobile Phone, Tablet Product, Mobile Messaging Device or any other portable connection medium.

Smartphone Set-up and Support

However, regardless of what it is we can help you set-up your mobile devices to work with your network and get your whole network to interconnect with them, to essentially ensure that no matter where you are you are always within reach of your critical business data and information.

At I.T Genie we have helped multiple companies set-up their new Smartphone’s from scratch and even connected them to the local network. And it doesn’t stop there with Smartphones, we can also work wonders with tablets, connecting them to your network in a similar manor as a phone, but also extending its functionality to even support VPN connections, Virtualisation or other generally computer related tasks.