About Us

– Our Definition

Who are we? We are ITGenie, a leading provider of I.T Support Services, Managed Business Care Plans, I.T Consulting and other services all throughout Sydney. We service all areas, however we have bases of operations in both ‘Seven Hills’ and ‘Neutral Bay’  . Click to see maps of our service areas.

We are skilled in several areas and services, however we specialises in I.T services and support for businesses, with particular expertise in implementing network solutions based on Microsoft technology.

We combine technology, skill and business acumen to deliver reliable, high quality and professional  I.T services geared to suit your business needs.

– Our Mission

ITGenie’s main aspiration is to provide the highest quality solutions, customer service, experience and expertise to all of our clients, partners and associates. We firmly believe in being not just another I.T Company, but being the best there is by offering not just a service and solution, but providing a human level of interaction and a friendly point of contact.

After all we want you, the client to be both satisfied and happy, knowing that your systems, weather that be a Network and Server set up, Communication system, Backup system or anything in between are safe under the watchful eye of ITGenie.

We pride ourselves on our customer support, fast response time, and overall friendly and professional manor. Why not read more about  our ITGenie Difference, and how we differentiate ourselves from the pack.

– Our Director 

With every great business, there is always a great business leader behind it pushing it forward, helping it to succeed and grow . That is exactly the case with ITGenie.

Our Director is exceptionally trained and skilled, possessing multiple qualifications, including a Bachelors Degree in Computing and multiple industry certifications. Our Director has worked on multiple projects over the years, ranging from small entry level businesses to large multi-site organisations.

His expertise in both the field of I.T (With a speciality on Computer Networking) and in Business makes him an incredible asset to ITGenie, and its main proponent to success.

You can always read more about Our Director if you would like to learn more about him.

– Our Services

As part of the ITGenie Difference, we offer a Free consultation / Site Assessment for new potential clients, you can either call us directly, email our ‘info’ address or fill in our ‘Contact Form’ . This consultation / assessment are non obligational, and low pressure. We want you to hear what we can provide for your business in regards to our Services and Solutions and for you to determine independently if you would like us to work with you.

When things go bad in I.T, they generally cascade into critical failures. We know that as a Business Operator, Stakeholder or even as an End User that you just want your I.T Systems to “Work” and want to continue business without having to worry.

At ITGenie we want what you want, to ensure that your system (whatever it may be) will continue to operate and perform as expected, without crashes, slowdowns, data loss, disconnections or any other common frustrations that plague systems.

To better help our clients, we offer our service in two main ways:

Post Event: Something terrible has just happened and your system is no longer working as it should be.
You just want it work as it always has.We will come to your business and analyse what issues you are having, and why you are experiencing them. Once we can determine what the issues are we will offer our professional opinion on the best course of action to eliviate the issues.

Pre Event: Nothing has happened yet, but you want it to stay that way. You do not want to have to worry about “what if” scenarios, you just want your business to continue
We will come and meet with you at your business and analyse your system. We will look at your system as a whole and build a report on what we think about the system in regards to reliability, overall system health, age and speed of the components and all other factors which will give us an overview on the system.We will discuss with you what we feel are your systems strength and weaknesses, and point out if any flaws or vulnerabilities exist in your system. We will talk with you about what can be done to improve the system and to minimise any potential downtime or loss of business continuity in the off chance of a system issue.

Overall, we want you to be protected, and to ensure that your business continues uninterrupted. That is why we heavily recommend that a proactive maintenance approach to your system be adopted to minimise server crashes, network breakdowns and other elements.

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