Proactive Maintenance & Support

While you may find that solving I.T issues as they occur is sufficient, the fact is that you are wasting potentially a large amount of resources in regards to your Finances, Time and Productivity. This is a common element that businesses often overlook, trying to solve the symptoms of I.T Problems but not the root cause of the issues.

Pro-actively monitoring your system and all of its connected systems is one of the best investments you can make for your organisation, as the cost of ongoing maintenance and support is small compared to the constant cost of periodic and unpredictable I.T issues that arrise as part of every day business. There is no stopping your Network, Laptops / Desktops and other equipment from issues, however you can significantly reduce its impact, duration and expense by our proactive maintenance and support plans.

We provide a fully managed IT service. Your business will receive proactive maintenance and support incorporating at least the following key features:

  • Onsite  assessment
  • Reliable systems management
  • Systems update and reporting
  • Proactive service delivery