Small & Medium Business Care Plans

What is a “Care Plan” you may be asking? Well we here at I.T Genie have seen how not having your businesses I.T Components / Services Retroactively maintained can lead to disaster.

Infected Computers, Broken or Improperly installed networks and utilities,  Slow or unresponsive computers or components, these are just some of the symptoms of not implementing a proper maintenance routine. This can cost your business not only Financially, but also in a lost of both Personal and Company Time, and in a fall in both staff happiness and productivity.

We offer a set of maintenance services, procedures and steps to both ‘Small’ and ‘Medium’ organisations to ensure that your business and its I.T systems stay on track and function as they should, alleviating most of the common causes of a non maintained system.

Here is a small sample of what our “Care Plans” can offer your business

  • Provide Recommendations for security updates
  • Ongoing proactive maintenance of your system and its components
  • Disaster preparation and continuity planning
  • Help plan for growth and expansion