IT Consulting

Sometimes dealing with your I.T Systems can be exhausting and frustrating, there are just so many elements and aspects to consider with even the smallest of decisions. You need to determine the potential impact on the business, potential financial implications, analysing the business continuity and many others.

Don’t even hesitate, we offer a 100% Free Consultation session with your business. Don’t want another minute, simply click on the “Free Consultation” link and fill out the form and we will organise to come out to site and meet you so that we can see what we can offer.

We here at I.T Genie understand that when it comes to important decisions regarding I.T, whether it be as simple as setting up a new computer, or as complex as a complete network overhaul and redesign, that you want someone to help you so that you can focus on what’s most important, on continuing your business!

Our team of skilled Consultants and Analysts can provide you with the highest quality professional advance in regards to your I.T Systems. Our advice and guidance is neutral and unbiased, we want you to understand how we see the problem from our perspective, and to how we feel issues or concerns can be addressed, because we want what you want; to solve your I.T systems or Projects in a timely, efficient  and cost effective manor so that you can focus on your work.

With our I.T Consultancy, we offer a series of three key services which will help you with anything from updating your system, to a complete individual project.

  1. A Current Systems Audit and Analysis 
    (We will come out and analyse your current system or proposed project to see exactly what we feel can be done and the best way to do it)
  2. A Formal Recommendation of System Changes
    (After analysing the system we will tell you in a simple, no nonsense way how we feel we can best help you tackle the system or project)
  3. An Implementation of System Changes
    (After discussing and agreeing upon a course of actions, we will happily implement the chosen course of action with the assistance of our expert Engineers or Technicians)
So whether it be a simple project, a complex problem or anything in between, you can trust the experience, knowledge and guidance that we here at I.T Genie can provide. We are not just ordinary consultants, we are I.T Genie – The Technology Experts!