Remote Technical Support

Sometimes there may be situations in which you need to have a skilled technician to solve your I.T problems, but because of Time Issues, Location Issues or any number of other elements, you cannot physically have them come to the site.

Well for us that is no issue at all. For a good majority of common problems we can easily solve them either over the phone, via emails or via a remote connection to your computer or network.

This methodology of problem solving is often much easier and faster than having a technician come onsite as in most cases the issues / problems are quite simple for our skilled engineers to solve, and resolve themselves quickly.

So regardless of where you are, and what your situation is, we here at I.T Genie can provide you with all the technical support you need. Even when we are not physically there.

If you are interested in our Remote Technical Support, or if you are currently having a technical support you should contact us for a ‘Free Consultation’. Our initial meeting is no cost and 100% obligation free.