Firewall Security

You need to protect yourself from all outside threats, and one of the first ways to do this is to install and maintain an actively monitored Firewall for your network, this helps reduce the threat of incoming malicious entities and helps to keep your overall network secure.

While most individual devices can emulate the functions of a firewall themselves, on a larger network, especially when there are multiple connections, various different devices, distributed locations or other factors, it is often a very wise move to ensure that a physical Firewall be employed so that network data can be actively monitored to determine if the network traffic itself is legitimate (for example, using the Firewall to watch data packets to ensure that they are not infected or from an unauthorised malicious source)

The main reason to employ a Firewall in a business setting is to improve the over Network Security and the security of the Desktop Devices and Server. We understand that in business you just want to focus on your business and not on technical I.T issues, that is why our skilled Network Engineers can come to your business and determine what type of Firewall / Firewall prevention method would work best for your unique situation.