Virus Protection

Because of the widespread growth of the Internet we are far more interconnected now than every before, and with this interconnection, along with new devices such as Smartphones, Tablets and Hybrid Devices, there is a greater risk for vulnerabilities and threats that are created maliciously for the sole intent of causing disruptions.

Because almost every device can be connected to a network, the device becomes an entry point into the system and thus If left unchecked can become infected or afflicted with Viruses, Trojans, Key-loggers or other nefarious conditions.

An infected computer or device can act as a carrier, spreading the effect to all other components connected to the network, not limited to computers but indeed can also spread to your server or backup devices, potentially corrupting your precious backup information or ruining your complete set-up.

That is why it is critically important to ensure that all of your computers and devices are protected with sufficient security suites to fight off these invaders. We here at I.T Genie can help you determine what level of protection is needed for your unique circumstance and can recommend and install, along with maintain a protection system that will ensure you are highly resilient against future issues.