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I.T Support Services

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Network Support

With the complexity and importance of your network and its resources, you don’t just want some I.T person or even worse a regular staff member attempting to solve your network issues, you want an I.T Genie Network Technician, a user with a high level of skill and competence who understands your network and will help you solve your issues in no time.

All of our technicians are certified and trained in network diagnostics, analysis, repairs and planning, and will help you solve your immediate network issues and help plan for further expansion and development of the network (including if needed restructuring)

Remote Technical Support

When issues arise and you need someone to help you out, but don’t want to have a technician come out and help you, we can supply you with a range of options for helping you solve the problems remotely.

We can help you either through the Phone, via emails or even remotely connecting to your device or network.

Regardless of where you are, there is always a way we can help you solve your technical issues.


Onsite Technical Support

We understand that sometimes there are times in your business when you just need an person to come and solve all of your scary and strange I.T issues that seem to appear out of nowhere.

Thankfully we have a whole team of experts who specialise in understanding these cryptic problems and will be more than happy to solve them for you..



Desktop / Laptop Support

Having issues with your Desktop or Laptop? Taking an eternity to start up? lag running more then basic applications? just want some help?

Well you can count on us here at I.T to come to the rescue. Our skilled technicians excel in analysing and repairing old and slow computers, bringing them back to a usable state.